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This Day In History: November 15

On this day in history, November 15th… 1859 :  An attempt to revive the Olympic Games first took place in Athens, Greece. The ancient Olympic Games were a symbol of  ancient Greek traditions and they were always held in Olympia until emperor Theodosius I suppressed the games  in 394 AD. While there were many attempts made to revive the Olympic games in the early 19th century, […]

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November 15th: The First of the Modern Olympic Games are Played in Athens, Greece

This Day In History: November 15, 1859 The first of the modern Olympic games were played in Athens, Greece on November 15, 1859.  These were the first Greek Olympics in around 1450-ish years, with the original Olympic games beginning around 776 BC and ending around 393-426 AD.  The revival of the Olympics was primarily thanks to Evangelos Zappas and Panagiotis […]

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