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Why Does Itching a Mosquito Bite Make It Worse?

Now You Know

Nathan asks: Why does itching a mosquito bite make it itch more? It all comes down to your body’s histamine response to the female mosquito’s saliva.  After the mosquito has drunk her fill of your blood, she leaves behind the cocktail that is her saliva.  Your body’s response to this foreign substance is to produce a variety of antibodies to […]

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Why Cats Like Catnip

Today I found out why cats like catnip. Catnip, which is a perennial herb in the mint family, contains a chemical called “nepetalactone” that is released when catnip is crushed.  When cats get a whiff of nepetalactone, most will start rubbing themselves against it, playing around with it, sometimes eating it, and generally will act quite bizarrely.  It is thought, […]

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