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Earthworms are Hermaphrodites

Earthworms are hermaphrodites.  When two worms mate, both worms produce children.  The worms mate by getting in more or less a 69 position and exchanging sperm with one another.  Much later, a cocoon is then secreted by the clitellum band, which is visible near the front of the worm.  This is roughly ring shaped.  As it’s sliding out of the […]

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How Earthworms Breathe

##EMBED## Click Here for Sources and to Learn More Interesting Earthworm Facts Text Version Even though earthworms need to breathe, they have no lungs.  They acquire oxygen through their skin.  This is why earthworms surface after heavy rains, despite the fact that it is extremely hazardous for them to do so.  If they don’t surface, they will suffocate and die […]

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