For the Love of the Word Nerds… (And Their Rather Unfortunate Nazi Brethren)

In this episode of The Brain Food Show, we are start out looking at whether there is actually any difference between various men’s and women’s bathroom products like shaving cream, razors, etc and why women pay more for basically everything.

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Next up, we basically rant for a really long time… Embedded in there is a discussion of a topic that is going to sound really boring, but in fact is actually quite fascinating, looking at such things as what a dictionary actually is, which is very different than what most people think. We also look at what it takes for a word to get put in there, if they ever come out, whether dictionary makers ever make mistakes like spelling errors or the like…. We promise this topic is far more interesting than it sounds. 🙂

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  • Mundane_Meaghann

    Thank you for returning!!! I really enjoyed the content, and may have also fangirled when you read my review. I just wanted to clarify, there is no issues with the editing! It is amazing how well these are always edited, especially considering you two do it from different sides of the world! My review ended with “I only wish there were more!” (as in more episodes available). I later came back and edited the comment to add the Star Trek fact bit after I binged through the entire list of episodes over a few weeks. I can only think formatting got muddled somehow. My apologies!

  • Just had to comment to say bless you for (as always) telling people what real linguists are about (we are not grammar nazis, grammar nazis are the antithesis of real linguistics XD), so often you tell people you’re a linguist and they think you’re going to judge how they talk. TY for helping to change this unfortunate and harmful mindset! And ty for the excellent word nerd content 😀

  • Epic vid guys

  • I first found the Today I Found Out YouTube channel when I was packing for a move late 2019. Being obsessed with “Did you know” facts, I binged the videos for a solid week.

    Being easily distracted, I was overjoyed to find the podcast, where I’ve been listening on Google Play Music without falling into the trap of staring at the video.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    • Thank you guys for all the content that you have produced. You make the boring aimless work that I do more enjoyable. Keep up the great work and only stop when you told us everything 🙂 but do take your time and keep on being yourselves.
      Thanks for all the info I can just wierd my friends out with 🙂

  • Stephanie Julian

    I came here to comment because i listen exclusively on spotify and i also found you randomly through that and not youtube. I adore your show and get so excited when new eps come out. My only criticisms are they don’t come often enough but it’s perfectly understandable for the need for time to research thoroughly. The other thing is I too miss the star trek facts.

    Lots of love from Australia.