The Greatest Practical Joke and the Last Laugh

In this episode of The Brain Food Show, we start off looking at 19th century practical joke that occurred in London that is arguably the greatest of the century.

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Moving on to the next section of the show we’re looking at a Canadian man who set the bar even higher on practical jokes, by doing his greatest ones from beyond the grave.

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  • Nicole Kraipowich

    Great show!

  • Sérgio Nuno Silva

    Hey! I Found out your podcast and was instantly hooked. I listened to a recent one but the dynamic was so good I went back and am working my way up. Just passed the Macabre ones.

    Anywaaaaaaaaay just wanted to leave a comment because you’ve been with me on my commute and falling asleep while listening on google home mini (it’s way easy to fall asleep listening to you though, so i have to rewind 20 minutes every day). You are now my go to podcast when I have to wait for something, actually looking forward to having something boring to do so I can listen.

    Used some of your knowledge in real life too, so not just some random facts, it’s actually useful in life, specially in parties. “Did you know shrunken heads were made to keep demons inside? And they did damn sure to keep the hair intact!” Life of the party!

    I don’t leave a review because I use google podcasts and they don’t do that ok? but 5 stars for sure!

    Side Note: You are way louder than Simon at night falling asleep, so i have to adjust volume so you are not too loud and still understand Simon.

    SO, sorry for some English mistakes, I am from Portugal and sometimes, you know, make mistakes writing in other languages…

    Cheers and keep up the very fine show!

  • Very interested. Looking forward to listening more of your podcast.