Animal Facts Part 2: Melting Caterpillars, Heating Bees, Why Vultures Don’t Get Sick, and More

In this episode of The Brain Food Show, we start by looking at the mind blowing things caterpillars get up to while in the chrysalis.

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Next up we begin by looking at the fascinating way in which honey bees, which are cold blooded, manage to keep their hives warm and the variety of fascinating things they do with their rather unique heating abilities. We then look at the rather amazing vulture and, among other things, why they don’t get sick when they eat dead things and what integral role this plays in keeping humans alive. Finally we look at the mysterious Kentucky meat shower, which unfortunately has nothing to do with KFC.

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  • I am a long-standing listener and I love the brain food show! 5 stars!!!!! I am a firefighter and I constantly listen you guys on your multiple channels but mostly the pod cast and biographies while doing absolutely everything! I listen while do chores to cutting grass and I even will rather listen to any of your channels instead of watching tv. Your information is so complete and the pod cast ask and answers all the questions I would have on the subject. All of the information helps me impress my very intelligent girlfriend and also gives me something to research in my free time. Could you please do a fire department episode both covering structural fire fighting and wild land firefighting or just the one thing I would love to know about American firefighting vs European firefighting.

  • Weirdest thing happened while I was listening to this podcast.
    Before that, I would like to attribute the affinity to listen to a podcast to you guys as yours was the first podcast I listened to, which was regarding history. Prior to that, I used to just listen to educational clips and be bored out of it soon. I don’t recall how the hell did I come across you guys and started exactly when you guys started with Rotten Tomatoes.
    I usually listen to podcasts while I ride my bike as I live an hour away from work. So I was listening to this podcast while riding and Daven was in his bee segment of animal facts. I was thoroughly enjoying it until I saw around 5-6 bees flying towards me. There was hardly any time and I decided to not manoeuvre to avoid any accidents and let them hit me.
    One of them stung me right before splashing its body against my leg and dying.

    What a bizarre coincidence!
    What if they were listening to some bee podcasts about human facts.