Enlightened Rigging of the Lottery + Wheezy Waiter (The BrainFood Show Episode 5)

In episode 5 of The BrainFood Show podcast, we discuss the shady, but clever, business dealings of famed enlightenment thinker Voltaire that ultimately allowed him to write with the impunity he is so famous for, where most others of his time and region of the world could not.

Next up we talk to famed YouTuber Craig Benzine (better known online by his moniker Wheezy Waiter) about the changes in YouTuber over time, the types of things aspiring YouTubers should do differently today than in the early days of the platform, and just a general interesting chat on his thoughts on a variety of things.

If you would like to follow Craig on the many things he works on, you can check out Story Not Story (a popular bedtime story podcast with his wife, Chyna), his main YouTube channel Wheezy Waiter, and The GoodStuff. You can also catch him on a variety of channels including Crash Course film history and more.

We wrap up the podcast with some Q&A, Feedback, and Bonus Facts, including the origin of the story of Newton having an apple on fall on his head and whether there is any truth behind said story.

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