Why Are People So Much Taller Today Than Historically, the Truth About Aerosol Sprays and the Ozone Layer, and More

In this week’s “best of” our YouTube channel, we look at why people today are taller than people historically, what Neil Armstrong really said when he first stepped on the Moon, whether or not aerosol sprays damage the ozone layer, the story of Herbert K Pililaau vs. the North Korean Army, and how “Rx” means and where it came from. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for many more videos like this.

Why Are People So Much Taller Today Than Historically?

What Did Neil Armstrong Really Say?

Do Aerosol Sprays Really Damage the Earth’s Ozone Layer?

Herbert K Pililaau VS The North Korean Army

What Does Rx Mean And Where Did It Come From?

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