The Surprisingly Interesting Story of How “C” Became the Default Drive Letter in Certain Operating Systems

In this video from our YouTube channel (click here to subscribe), we look at the surprisingly interesting story behind how the default hard drive letter on Windows computers became “C”. To make sure you don’t miss out on many more videos like this, be sure and subscribe to their new daily channel!

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One comment

  • Ya know … for a guy who’s done over thousands of hours of computer repair (mostly hardware, some basics/minors of software); I have never known about the letter. I mean sure, I know floppy drives derived the A/B process. Hell, my dad & me grew up on pre-Pentium systems & before (Apple 2, 2e, c64, Tandy CoCo’s, etc). Using AOL for DOS & Windows before 3.1 was even a thing, serial mice & keyboard navigation before mice were even anything close to what they are now.

    Yet … you guys at TiFO are the best thing to happen to YouTube & my brain since Reese’s peanut butter hit the cereal aisle. 🙂

    God I need to work for you guys & I’d even do it for free !!!! 🙂

    Love from Michigan, PA!