Podcast Episode #13: A Native Speaker of Klingon

In this episode, you’re going to learn about one linguists attempt to foster the world’s first native speaker of Klingon.

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One comment

  • I tried this with my daughter – not Klingon, but Swiss-German, which is my mother’s native language. I had much the same result – partly though my fault. I spoke Swiss-German to her exclusively, and she understood everything I said – but resisted speaking back to me. By age of about 2-3 yrs,when she became fully conversational, English had become her dominant language because, as in the above case, no one else was speaking to her in Swiss (we live in Australia), and I, who speak 6 languages, am so accustomed to responding in the language I’m spoken to, always responded to her in English without thinking. So she lost her Swiss-German. Now, at 19, she resents me for not having persisted, and is busy trying to learn other languages.