daily-knowledge-podcastJust three weeks ago we launched our Daily Knowledge Podcast, and a mere 18 episodes later have already hit over 100,000 downloads and now rising by about 6K-10K downloads per day the last few days.

I’ve not personally had any experience with podcasts before this, but I’m told this is phenomenal.  Given the podcast has risen as high as number 7 in the “New and Noteworthy” Podcasts section of iTunes spanning all categories and a couple days in there has hit #1 in the category our podcast is in, I’m inclined to believe it really is doing well compared to others. 🙂

In any event, if you’ve not already checked it out, you can do so and subscribe via these links: iTunes | RSS/XML

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One comment

  • ssg kevin f. wrin (ret,usa)

    love the site i make it part of my daily routine. i am also an avid Bathroom Reader (over 10 books in my library) and a BRI member. thanks and keep “surprising” me