Today I Found Out Shop + Our New Book Now Also Available on the Nook

shopYou’ll note in the header bar (TIFO Shop) that we’ve just launched a TodayIFoundOut store.  For now, it includes our new book, The Wise Book of Whys, along with some nerdy t-shirts and hoodies.  Later, we’ll be adding many other things, particularly focusing on original and entertaining education products, as well as all things nerdy. 🙂

For a limited time, we’re also doing free shipping on any purchase of two items or more.  Check it out and let us know what you think.

Our new book is also now available on the Nook, along with in print  (would make a good inexpensive gift, just saying ;-)) / Kindle / and audio form.  In all cases, the book is DRM free, so no worrying about how many devices you can put it on or if you can share with friends- spread the knowledge!

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  • Wooohooooo!
    That’s great news.Congratulations TIFO!
    My sister sooooo gets The Wise Book of Whys for Xmas gift this year 😉

  • I absolutely love your channels. I love the facts, since I’m a huge fan of facts, a literal walking encyclopedia of useful and useless knowledge. I like your group’s way of presenting the facts and info. Keep it up!