Today’s Brain Teasers: My Red Eye Looks Upon You

brain teasersMy red eye looks upon you
With burning my tears flow
My sorrow is something
that you’ll never know

What am I? (click for answer)
A Candle

At birth I have no blood nor bone
My insides highly sought
My death no one will ever atone
As I fry in places hot

What am I? (click for answer)
An Egg

My father gave me this
and I passed it to my son.
Though the three of us had it
It’s used by everyone.

What is It? (click for answer)
A Name

Those who wish to keep me, never speak of me because I break when I am named.

What am I? (click for answer)

I have no wings, yet I fly.  Those who hold me in their hands will find that I’ll soon disappear.

What am I? (click for answer)
A Snowflake
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