More Daily Posts

As mentioned about a week and a half ago, starting today we’re going to be doing a lot more daily posts here on Today I Found Out than previously.  We’ll still be doing the normal 5-6-ish full articles per week like always, but we’ll also be adding a few other posts daily and a variety of new series of posts that go along with our theme, “Feed Your Brain”.

A couple of the new series of posts you can see today, such as the “Daily Brain Teasers” (suggested to us by TIFO fan Justin V.) , others will be coming up later.

We hope you enjoy the additional daily content and some of the new post series we’re introducing.  Either way, please give feedback on which series of posts you like and which ones you don’t care for so that going forward we can focus our energies towards putting out more daily content you enjoy.  Also, if you have any suggestions for a certain series of new posts you’d be interesting in seeing, please email me here about it.

Thanks for reading and for making Today I Found Out one of the most popular interesting fact sites on the internet!

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