Super Glue Really is Super

Super Glue really is “super”.  A one square inch bonding of Super Glue can hold around one ton. Super Glue has even been used to bond a small surface area of metal attached to a crane, which was then glued to the top of a car.  The car was lifted successfully by the crane without the bond breaking.

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  • For those that every need it if you stick yourself to something or even to yourself
    nail polish remover dissolves super glue. If you use it a lot get a bottle of acetone that’s the stuff in nail polish remover. It work a bit faster.

  • Super glue is also awesome for sealing deep cuts. Rinse out the cut, squeeze the skin together, and run a bead along the cut. By the time it flakes off the skin is healed!

    And before anyone says it is dangerous, my brothers and I have been using this method religiously for over 20 years without a single problem. It’s usually cleaner and stops bleeding faster than a bandaid.

  • Richard is right, in fact Superglue was used in WW2 as an artificial skin to help wounds heal.
    Nowadays modern superglue should be able to do the same thing but can irritate some people’s skin. A product called Dermabond is available, designed specifically for this purpose.

  • I find superglue is the absolute best stuff to masturbate with. Just trust me on this one and try it yourself.

  • Wrong, Lloydyboy. You might be thinking of Vietnam, since superglue wasn’t used until long after WWII was over. It was originally called Eastman 910. But thanks for being on our show. We have a nice booby prize backstage. Move along now.

  • Burt Fisher you may be correct but there really is no need to be such a DICK about it…..