Last Chance to Vote in the “Best Site of 2011” Contest

Voting for the AllMyFaves “Best Site of 2011” contest ends at midnight tonight (12/31).  Today I Found Out is currently in second place under Education just 45 votes behind the leader.  It’s also currently in fourth place overall among all the categories (out of 100 sites nominated by AllMyFaves).  If you haven’t voted yet, you can vote for any of the nominated sites by clicking the “Best of 2011” badge on the top of Today I Found Out‘s sidebar to the right of this text or if you’d just like to vote for Today I Found Out, simply click the “Like” button next to that same badge.

Thanks again to everyone who has voted for Today I Found Out!  Those who voted for the “Sophia” website that is currently edging out Today I Found Out for the top spot in Education, I’m watching you. *shakes fist in their general direction*. 😉

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