Why Water Doesn’t Help Much with Cooling Your Mouth After Eating Peppers


Capsaicin, the thing that makes peppers hot, is fat soluble and thus water will be of no use in countering the burning sensation, other than the fact that if it is cold water it will temporarily overpower the capsaicin’s effect on the nerve receptors and tell your brain you are feeling a cold sensation.  But once the cold water has gone, the heat will come back straight away not lessened at all until the capsaicin is gone.

Dairy products work best to counteract capsaicin because they contain a protein called casein which binds to the capsaicin, hindering its ability to bind to your nerve receptors.

Assuming you aren’t lactose intolerant, drinking milk before or while eating the peppery item will also help lessen irritation in your intestines for the same reason it helps lessen it in your mouth, which could save you from having the dreaded “burning runs” that sometimes plague people after eating spicy foods.

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  • swishing a spoonful of oil and spitting it out works very well to remove a painful spice experience.