Where the Word “Echo” Comes From


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The word “echo”, as we use it, comes from Greek mythology.  Echo was a Nymph whose job it was to talk to Hera constantly while Zeus was having affairs, thus distracting Hera.  When Hera found out, she cursed Echo to only be able to repeat what someone else had said, thus, the word “echo”.

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One comment

  • danny hensley aka deathskull

    there is a also another story connected with echo she loved Narcissus (p.s. a flower is named after him) echo loved narcissus but she could say nothing other then what he said she she could not tell him she loved him so what happened is after a long time he said something that she could repeat to tell him she loved him but what happened is he did not love her back he loved himself so one day he walks past a pond that shows his reflection in it and he falls in love and never leaves the side of the pond and he eventually dies and a beautiful flower soon grows from where he died http://www.echo.me.uk/legend.htm 4 the longer story someone else put up on a site