Redheads Have a Higher Tolerance for Pain Than the Non-Soulless


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Scientists in 2005 from the University of Edinburgh found that people without souls, a.k.a. redheads, have a higher tolerance for pain than normal people.  This is because the MC1R mutation, which all soulless have, triggers the excess release of pheomelanin which, among other things, stimulates a brain receptor related to pain sensitivity.

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  • tee

    red heads dont have souls? how was this allowed to be posted on this webpage? someone fix it

  • AuburnheadRedhead

    I’m auburn, a.k.a redhead, and I have a soul. Problem OP?

  • JimS

    I’m not even red headed, and I think this comment is asinine.

  • MikeyB

    Everyone knows it’s gingers who don’t have souls. Redheads are fine.