Daylight Saving Time Once Thwarted a Terrorist Attack


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Daylight saving time once single handedly thwarted a terrorist attack, causing the would-be terrorists to blow themselves up instead of other people. What happened was, in September 1999, the West Bank was on daylight saving time while Israel was on standard time; West Bank terrorists prepared bombs set on timers and smuggled them to their associates in Israel. As a result, the bombs exploded one hour sooner than the terrorists in Israel thought they would, resulting three terrorists dying instead of the two busloads of people who were the intended targets.

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  • Only the United States of America uses Daylight Savings Time. This is not practiced anywhere else in the world, and even not practiced in all places in the USA.

  • @Fact Check- I’m guessing you’re an American based on that comment, only because you’re a complete fucking idiot.

  • It’s a shame that Israel oppresses the Palestinians to the point where terrorism is the best alternative.

  • so, i may have misread this, but it just screams BS to me, because it says they were on timers, which wouldn’t be affected by day light savings time at all.

  • It’s definately not just America who uses daylight savings, I am a Brit and we use it over here it too!

  • its a pity that daylight savings time didnt save palestine from being opressed by Israel

  • I know Wikipedia can have errors, but it’s usually pretty accurate.

    So hopefully that solves the problem for the doubters.

    Personally I find it kind of odd that the terrorists would set the bombs to explode, THEN ship them to their terrorist friends. Why not just have their terrorist friends set the bombs themselves? Maybe they don’t know how to, but it seems like they wouldn’t be very good terrorists if they didn’t know how to set a timer on a bomb. Haha, maybe that’s a good thing for the rest of us.

  • Many countries work with daylight savings time. Do some research. I had to while programming a global package tracking system. How does someone think daylight savings time is U.S. centric??

  • Whether or not Daylight Savings Time is actually practiced is not the issue. If the bombs were set on timers then they would go off IN x amount of time, not AT x time. Also, even if the bombs were set to go off at a specific time, for the clock on the bombs would need to be somehow connected to either the internet or a cellular network, else how would it know to adjust for daylight savings time? On a third note, this was on 1000 Ways to Die.

  • African Americans were oppressed under Slavery and Jim Crow for centuries, I don’t recall them bombing buses full of innocent civilians.

    People have the ability to make choices regardless of oppression, how pathetic to justify/defend people who blow themselves up with the express intention of murdering as many people as possible.

  • This can only me an amerifag who made that first comment…
    DST is used in most parts of Europe as well, you moron -,-

  • Actually, only Americans use clocks.

  • @Mark Um idk if you know this but a lot of bombs are set by using actual clocks. Like alarm clocks specifically. So it would be set to go off at a particular time, not after a certain amount of time. In the movies, the counting down timer thing is pretty much bs.

  • First of all the 1st commenter is probably not an American seeing as how we don’t really say “the USA” we usually refer to our country as the US and spelling out United States of America is not common practice for us either. For quick comments like this it does not seem plausible that person was born and raised in america. Further more, I don’t see why not just one but 2 people criticize a false comment by saying ‘they must be american’, what makes you guys so infallible that makes you think only americans can make mistakes. I’m pretty sure every country has their fair share of stupid people.