The Root Part of the Carrot Plant Used to Not Be Eaten


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In ancient times, the root part of the carrot plant that we eat today was not typically used.  The carrot plant however was highly valued due to the medicinal value of its seeds and leaves.   For instance, Mithridates VI, King of Pontius (around 100BC) had a recipe for counteracting certain poisons with the principle ingredient being carrot seeds.  It has since been proven that this concoction actually works.

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  • Marge

    Sorry to be pedantic but in a site as well informed as his I think it’s kind of important to be aware of word meaning.
    principal (adj./n.)= most important, like the main part in a play or the head of the school.
    principle(n.)= moral ideal or basic scientific tenet.

    • @Marge: Typo: A mistake made during the process of typing, especially one caused by a slip of the fingers. 😉