Launch of Quick Facts

Today I launched a new section on Today I Found Out: Quick Facts

This section of the site will be updated several times daily with various interesting quick facts on a variety of different topics.  Unlike most short “facts” you’ll find around on the internet, the quick facts you’ll find in this section have all been thoroughly researched to verify their accuracy,  much like the content of the much longer daily articles I write for this site.

For the launch, I have only thus far put up about 12 quick facts, but I have well over 1000 facts already that I have researched and are ready to go up.  So keep an eye on that section, if you like quick facts, as it will be updated frequently.

As before, I’ll still be posting new far more detailed and lengthy articles most every weekday on Today I Found Out for your reading pleasure.

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  • Nice idea 🙂

  • I just read through a few of them and they’re great! This is becoming one of my favorite sites to visit. You guys should make a mobile version of the website though. It’s hard to navigate currently when I’m on my cell phone.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    • Daven Hiskey

      @Kelley: Thanks. 🙂 Ya I’ve toyed with doing a mobile version of the site, but thus far my efforts have been thwarted due to the way caching is handled on the site, which is essential for the high volume of traffic. In any event, I imagine within a month or two I’ll figure it out and will have a mobile version of the site up.