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In India, rather than use toilet paper, it is typical to simply use your left hand. If you think that is bad, in Ancient Rome, a wet sponge on a stick was used.  That sounds all well and fine until you find out that that after being used, the sponge was placed back in a tub of salt water to await the next person to come along and wipe with it.  Suddenly the “left hand” method isn’t sounding so bad.

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  • In the Indian method water is flushed and used along with the left hand.The quick fact shoes the hygenic Indian style in wrong light.Please correct it

    • Daven Hiskey

      @Kariat: Of course water is used to clean your hand. Nobody thinks Indians go around with poop on their hands. The quick fact is just about the fact that Indians use their left hand to wipe (my sister in law, being Indian from India, suggested this quick fact to me)