Launch of Today I Found Out’s New Companion Site: Misconception Junction

Space Shuttle LaunchWhen doing research for interesting facts that would  in turn make good fodder for articles on, invariably I come across a lot of commonly held “facts” that really aren’t and various other myths and misconceptions. So I decided to start a companion site to Today I Found Out called Misconception Junction ( Basically, it is a site bringing you new and (hopefully) interesting articles with the hope of dispelling those various misconceptions. Similar to Today I Found Out, there will be a new article posted nearly every weekday on Misconception Junction.

In order to give Misconception Junction a nice little base of articles, I transferred over about 20 popular articles from Today I Found Out that dealt with common misconceptions; but as of last Friday, all articles going forward on Misconception Junction will be new and unique to that site. If you’re interesting, feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.

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