Baking Soda Makes a Good Cheap Teeth Whitener

Today I found out that baking soda makes a good teeth whitener.   Specifically it works by breaking down stains in your teeth caused by such things as dark sodas, wine, smoking, coffee, etc.

Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, when dissolved in water gives off free radicals which penetrate the surface of your enamel, combining with the stains in your teeth, and breaking carbon double bonds, thus helping to remove the stains.   So in effect, it whitens by getting rid of the stains, rather than many commercial whiteners which more or less just try to bleach your teeth white.

In order to brush your teeth with baking soda, just mix some baking soda in with a small amount of water to create a nice thick paste and brush it on to your teeth.  Now let it sit for four or five minutes, then brush again and rinse.

It should be noted that baking soda should not be used too frequently due to the fact that it can also corrode the enamel in your teeth over time if used too often.  As such, it should not be used more than four or five times a month as a teeth whitener.

Baking Soda Facts:

  • Baking soda, sodium bicarbonate, is naturally found in many mineral springs where it is mined.  It can also be artificially made.  The natural mineral form is called nahcolite.
  • The ancient Egyptians used the nahcolite as a cleaning solution.
  • Baking powder is slightly different than baking soda.  Baking powder contains baking soda combined with some acidic agent, usually cream of tartar, and then a drying agent, usually starch.  You can make your own baking powder by mixing 2 parts cream of tartar to 1 part baking soda, then one part cornstarch.
  • Baking powder is available in single action and double action varieties.  The single action powder is activated by moisture (starts bubbling).  The double action reacts somewhat with water, but more strongly with heat.

Baking Soda CookieBaking Soda Uses:

  • Makes a great agent for putting out fires of all types.
  • Works well for cleaning vegetables and fruits, removing insecticides and dirt.  Sprinkle some on produce, then rinse.
  • Helps get out oil and grease stains on clothing when added to your wash.
  • Much like activated carbon, baking soda does a terrific job at removing chemically smells and other odors from the air.
  • Works well as a stain remover, particularly on plastic surfaces or marble.  Mix a thin paste of baking soda and water and scrub the stained surface.  Similar to how it breaks down stains in your teeth, it will break down stains on other surfaces.
  • Clean your dishwasher periodically by adding a cup of baking soda to an empty load and run it.
  • Helps removed burned food from pans.  Soak the pan for about 10 minutes in a solution of water and baking soda.  The worse the food is burned on, the more baking soda per water unit you should add.
  • Works well as a chrome and stainless steel polishing agent.
  • If you are a smoker, mix baking soda in your ash tray to help remove some of the cigarette smell.
  • If your shoes/feet smell, sprinkle a little baking soda on your socks to eliminate odor.
  • Adding 1/2 a cup to a cup of baking soda to a bath will help soften your skin.  For babies, add about 2-4 tbsp of baking soda to their bath water and it will help relieve diaper rashes.
  • Baking soda will help relieve itching and discomfort from insect bites, rashes, chicken pox, poison ivy, etc.
  • 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in about 4-6 ounces of water will help relieve acid indigestion or heartburn.
  • Gargling baking soda water will freshen your breath and clean your mouth.
  • Baking soda also works wonders on canker sore pain.
  • Got a sunburn?  Apply a thin paste of baking soda and water to your burned area to sooth your pain.
  • Works well as an underarm deodorant.
  • If you happen to hunt birds, you’ll find the feathers come off easier if, when you scald them, you add baking soda to the boiling water.  This will also help clean the flesh.
  • Baking soda works well as a natural “Rain-X” type solution on windshields.  Pour baking soda on your windshield and then wipe with a wet cloth, both inside and out.
  • Works well as a dry cleaning agent on such things as back packs and other canvas materials.
  • One part baking soda mixed with two parts ground oatmeal makes a great facial scrub.
  • Works well to clean hair brushes, which get very oily over time from your hair if not cleaned at least one a month.
  • Baking soda makes a great natural shampoo/conditioner agent.  It will remove the oil from your hair and clean it as well as make it soft.
  • Pour baking soda into a clogged drain followed by vinegar.  Let it bubble a way for several minutes, then flush with hot water.
  • A teaspoon or so of baking soda taken with foods that give you gas will drastically reduce or eliminate the gas problem.
  • Baking soda makes a great natural, cheap oven cleaner.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on your cloth furniture and carpet, allow it to sit for a few hours, then vacuum it to get rid of odors.
  • Baking soda mixed with a little water and toothpaste will make an effective paste to be used for getting rid of water rings in wood furniture.
  • To freshen up your car’s smell, sprinkle baking soda around on your interior and then after a few hours, vacuum it out.  You can also fill your ash tray with baking soda and leave it, to help get rid of odors on a daily basis.
  • Cleansing corroded car battery terminals with a baking soda paste will help keep your terminals nice and clean.  It will also neutralize the acid on the terminals, which will make them safer to touch.  Wipe the paste off the terminals with a dry rag.
  • A little baking soda sprinkled in the bottom of your cat litter box will drastically reduce the odors from the litter and cat poop.
  • If you are having an ant or cockroach problem in your house, sprinkle baking soda mixed with salt around the areas you notice them.  They will go away.
  • Baking soda mixed with white toothpaste and possibly food coloring (if needed), makes a decent spackle for repairing holes in your wall.
  • For you gardeners out there, if you aren’t sure whether your soil is acidic, mix a quarter of a cup of baking soda with two cups of water; now stir in a cup of the soil.  If it foams up, then the soil is acidic.
  • If you get stung by a jellyfish, apply baking soda to the stung area to relieve your pain.  It also works great on bee-stings.
  • Unclog your nose by mixing baking soda in with hot water and breathe in the vapors.
  • Adding baking soda to your vase water will help keep cut flowers looking fresh longer.
  • If you are having a problem with rabbits eating your veggies in your garden, sprinkle some baking soda around the garden and vegetables to keep them out.
  • Baking soda sprinkled in the soil around tomato plants will make them sweeter.
  • Make a great sports drink by mixing boiled water with baking soda, salt, and kool-aid.
  • Raw fish soaked in a baking soda solution will help remove the fishy smell from the fish when you cook it.
  • A half teaspoon of baking soda added to every three eggs cooked will make them fluffy.
  • Add a cup or two of baking soda to your toilet, then after a few hours, flush.  It will clean it with almost no work on your part as well as get rid of odors.
  • A spoon full of baking soda added to your dishwasher every load will help clean the dishes better and remove odors from your dishwasher as stated above.
  • Great for removing grease and oil stains in your garage or driveway.
  • Makes a great solution to clean shower curtains in.

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  • Baking soda: the duct tape of cleaning

  • “Make a great sports drink by mixing boiled water with salt and kool-aid.”
    Wait, what does that have to do with baking soda?

  • “[I]lluminate the gas problem”

    Sounds like fun but you’d probably rather eliminate it.

    Fun list.

  • In simple terms, the sodium or potassium ions in the water softener swap places with the calcium or magnesium ions (which are the hard minerals that cause hard water stains and limescale) in a domestic water supply.

  • #
    # Unclog your nose by mixing baking soda in with hot water and breath in the vapors.

    — or, just use the hot water! Sheesh!

  • ‘when dissolved in water gives off free radicals’ – If this is true, then using bicarbonate of soda in this way can be carcinogenic and age you. Although free radicals (in the biological sense) are naturally occuring, so shouldn’t be too bad if as you advise it isn’t used often to whiten teeth.

  • As being a Dentist I would like to share that Baking Soda is used only for whitening and not for cleaning. But when using baking soda consult with your dentist as coz excess use of baking soda can harm your teeth. Anyways, this is my 1st visit in this blog and quite impressed with the write up. Thanks a lot for sharing such tips with the readers. Keep it up. 🙂

  • A teaspoon of soda (more or less), dissolved in a few ounces of water, has given me great relief over the years neutralizing stomach acid, as well as giving me an excuse to practice ‘burping’ the alphabet… 🙂

  • Typos under “Baking Soda Uses”:

    Bullet #19: “Rani-X” should be “Rain-X”?
    Bullet #29: “to help get rid of odors on a daily bases” should be “to help get rid of odors on a daily basis”
    Bullet #36: “breath in the vapors” should be “breathe in the vapors”

    • Daven Hiskey

      @Rebecca Brooks: Ha, this must have been one I edited in the late a.m. hours or something. 😉 Thanks!

  • Found another typo under “Baking Soda Uses”, bullet #19: “Poor baking soda on your windshield” should be “Pour baking soda on your windshield”