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Apple Seeds Contain Cyanide

Today I found out apple seeds contain cyanide. The seeds of apples, also known as “pips”, contain a sugar/cyanide compound called “amygdalin”, which turns into hydrogen cyanide when it is metabolized in your body. Hydrogen cyanide was one of the key ingredients to Zyklon B, the trade name of the pesticide used by the Nazis in their gas chambers. Other […]

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How Cyanide Poisoning Works

##EMBED## Click Here for Sources and to Learn Why Blood Turns Dark Red, Not Blue When De-oxygenated Text Version Cyanide poisoning works by not allowing the body to use oxygen.  So the blood remains oxygenated after it passes through your body and back to the lungs.  Thus, it causes the body to suffocate, even though the lungs are working properly.

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