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AMC is producing a new unscripted reality TV show surrounding the world of competitive taxidermy.  The show features four extremely skilled taxidermists (“Immortalizers”) that will compete against a guest “challenger” to create an end piece to be judged.  The criteria for judging is explained by one of the judges, noted former taxidermist for the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History (for over 25 years), Paul Rhymer:

The show has three criteria that we judge: craftsmanship, originality and sticking to the theme. A traditional taxidermy competition is more about just craftsmanship and how good of a taxidermist you are. This opens things up in a really big way. They’ve got to bring a different element to the competition, which is not necessarily in their comfort zone. Some judges look harder at the craftsmanship or someone will look more at the artistic point of view, but judging is always a subjective thing. We try to be fair to all the people who are contestants, but it’s up to us to evaluate. That’s why you have three judges, because we don’t always agree.

The show will air on Thursday nights at 10PM EST/9PM CST on AMC.

You can can learn more about the series here: Immortalized; find out more

And see a trailer for the new series below:

Bonus Facts:

  • The oldest known mounted and preserved animal is a 17th century mounted rhinoceros, made for the Royal Museum of Vertebrates in Italy.  Before that, the Ancient Egyptians would occasionally embalm certain animals, but not for the purpose of displaying them.
  • The generally acknowledged first “reality” TV show was the 1948 series Candid Camera, hosted by Alan Funt, where they’d go around with a hidden camera and record people’s reactions to pranks.  This was based on a previous radio series “Candid Microphone” where they’d do the same thing, but with a mic instead of a camera.
  • In the year 2000, there we just four reality TV shows on the air. Over a decade later, there are currently well over 300 reality shows.
  • One of the ways some reality shows make money, besides advertising, DVD sales, and the like, is via product replacement. The Biggest Loser is the show with currently the most paid product placement instances that appear on air with over 1 million instances to date.  American Idol rings in at second with about 1/2 million instances of paid product placement. From here the numbers drop drastically with the number 3 slot going to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition with around 13,000 instances of paid product placement.

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