HSN’s Special Deal on Beats Audio Headphones

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of HSN for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

beats-studio-hd-headphones-with-quadripole-cable-white~155124.jpg (JPEG Image, 300 × 300 pixels)Beats HD Headphones are going to be HSN Today’s Special – only available on 8/17 .They’ll also be offering it with free shipping then and they have a “FlexPay” system where you can buy the headphones in payments of about $60 per installment, with no extra fees associated with paying that way.  In order to keep up with this and other deals on HSN, you can follow them on Twitter here: @HSN on Twitter

Beats by Dr. Dre is a line of audio products put out by Dr. Dre ad Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records, Jimmy Lovine, currently made by Monster, though that will be changing at the end of 2012.  The stated goal with Beats Studio headphones is to “let you hear your music with the same sonic quality heard in professional recording studios…  to bring you the very highest level of professional sound quality, wherever you are.”

They sent me a pair of Beats Studio HD headphones to test out and review here in this post, so without further ado, here’s my review of the Beats Studio Headphones (after about two days steady use).

The Pros:

  • Noise Cancellation:  While it won’t block out 100% of ambient noise, the noise cancellation on these is very good.  I’d suspect even on a plane with the noise of people around you and, of course, the ambient noise of the plane itself hurtling through the sky, would be blocked out quite well.  The headphones not only use insulated closed ear cushions to achieve this, but also “active” noise cancellation, meaning that the speakers themselves emit sound outside of the range of human hearing to cancel out external noises.
  • Bass: These produce pretty amazing depth in bass, which probably shouldn’t be too surprising with a name like “Beats” and being the brainchild of Dr. Dre.
  • Overall sound quality: Very good overall sound quality.  My one slight knock on the sounds quality would be that in certain songs, the bass can be a little too good, though this might just be an equalizer problem on the players end.  For most songs I listened to, though, the sound was well balanced and very crisp, able to hear a lot of subtleties in the music that you definitely normally don’t hear with headphones.  You’ll particularly notice the awesome sound if you happen to kick on some classical music, absolutely phenomenal there.
  •  Foldable: These fold down in a fairly compact way and it comes with a nice little carrying case they fit in, which is very handy for travel and protecting the headphones.
  • Comfortable: Not too heavy, they also have very cushy, comfortable pads.
  • No External Headphone Amp Needed:  This is a very nice feature, particularly when using MP3 players and the like that don’t exactly put out much juice to power speakers of this size.
  • Replaceable Cords:  Particularly handy if, like me, you often accidentally jerk your headphone cords such that the headphones then stop working from pulling the delicate wires where they connect to the headphones internally, or if you have dogs or cats that like to chew wires *looks at my dog and cats*.  In this case, these cords are easily replaceable.
  • Aesthetics:  They have a great visual design, which I imagine will appeal to certain people. (For something like this, I’m more the “utility” type, not so much caring how something looks, but how it performs, but I know some would disagree with me there.  In this case, it’s got both.)
  • Mute: Integrated mute button, which is handy for not having to take off the headphones to be able to stop the active noise cancellation and mute the music, so you can talk to someone.  Though the fact that they’re closed headphones still mutes what’s going on around you a bit, so sometimes might be necessary to take them off anyways to hear clearly in certain circumstances.

The Cons:

  • Batteries: You need batteries in for these headphones to work.  I understand this is necessary to allow these to work well hooked up to typical MP3 players without an external amplifier and for the active noise cancellation, so I guess it’s the price you have to pay for these types of features.  But still, it would be nice if they at least worked a little bit without batteries (perhaps with a “through”, non-amplified mode).  I can’t speak to the battery life, as I’ve only been using them for two days (around 7 hours total listening), but at least so far the batteries are still going strong.
  • Noise Bleed: As you might expect from headphones that can get as loud as these, they suffer from a bit of noise leakage at the upper ends, in that if you’re in a library, you probably won’t want to blast them, though your hearing probably will thank you to keep them at a reasonable level anyways.  *nods to my wife for noticing this one; obviously I did not notice wearing them*

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Bonus Facts:

  • Beats was founded just six years ago (2006) and today brings in a profit of over $60M annually.  In 2011, HTC purchased 51% of the stake of Beats for $300M, though recently sold back about 25% of their stake.
  • Thanks to his various business ventures and producing a variety of hit albums, Dr. Dre has a current estimated net worth of $270M, up from $250M just a year ago.  Not bad for a 47 year old rapper. 😉
  • Dr. Dre’s real name is Andre Romelle Young.
  • Dr. Dre adopted that moniker after his previous nickname, Dr. J, which was after the nickname of Julius Erving and alluding to the fact that he was a DJ.  For “Dr. Dre”, he just mixed the “Dr.” part of “Dr. J” with the end of his first name.
  • Dr. Dre is a notorious perfectionist when producing, often to the chagrin of the artists he’s working with.  For instance, he once made Bishop Lamont record a single bar of vocals 107 times before Dr. Dre was satisfied with it.
  • HP offers Beats Audio systems in some of their higher end laptops (including the one I own, which is partially why I agreed to do this sponsored article, as I already knew I liked Beats) :-).  They do produce much higher quality sound than most laptop speakers, with surprising depth for so small a form factor; though they’re still laptop speakers, which can’t hold a candle to hooking them up to a desktop speaker system.  When I do hook my laptop up to my desktop speakers though, the sound quality is pretty impressive, so I assume the Beats audio system for laptops must be more than just speakers, as the sound quality in that same setup is much better than with my old laptop.


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One comment

  • I think it’s too expensive for what it offers (in sound quality – this isn’t the best for $300 and product quality – easy to break). Also, since last year (if I’m not wrong), the company became more focused on how the headphones look than how they feel. Very sad.

    I read you liked to listen classical music on it. You should try B&W P5, it’s amazing (in a few Apple and Best Buy stores you can listen to it), or Monster Purity (while I’ve never even seen one in my life, I heard in a few reviews it’s focused for classical music).

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