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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s about that time of year again to fertilize your lawn.  To help people towards this end, Scotts® is giving away Scotts® Snap® Spreader Systems to 20 people, one from Today I Found Out. All you have to do to enter this contest is simply leave a comment on this article as to why you want or need a Scotts® Snap® Spreader System and then go to their FACEBOOK page and like it (I believe they’re also giving away other prizes for people who like their Facebook page through their Snap Perks on Facebook Program).  In any event, this particular contest ends on April 30th at 11:59 p.m. EST.  Winners will be notified via email by May 3rd.  For the complete rules and terms of this contest, go here: contest rules

If you haven’t seen the Scotts® Snap® Spreader System, it’s similar to other spreader systems with some notable differences.  First, it has an edge guard switch that allows you to stop the spreader from spreading fertilizer on areas you don’t want, such as when you’re spreading near your driveway where fertilizer pellets can stain your pavement.  The spreader system also automatically sets the proper flow rate.

The most intriguing feature of the Scotts® Snap® Spreader System  is that instead of cutting the bag and pouring the fertilizer into the spreader, which can often result in spills (sometimes with it getting on your patio pavement and severely staining it… ya, I did that once much to my wife’s chagrin, but in truth it was her dog’s fault; the dog jumped on me while I was pouring…) 🙂  With this system, though, you just place the bag in the spreader, uncut and unopened.  The spreader then takes care of opening it for you.  When you’re done using it, you pull the bag out, even if it still has fertilizer in it, and it will self seal for storage.  I’m not sure with what wizardry they accomplish this, but as they’re sending me one to review, I’ll be examining how that works closely and will update you on it then.


Bonus Facts:

  • You should almost never bag lawn clippings.  The lone exception to this is when you have a lawn disease.  In that case, picking up clippings can reduce the spread of whatever fungus is causing the problem.  In all other cases, you should leave the clippings in the lawn to promote lawn health.  Leaving the clippings provides as much as 1/3 of the nutrients needed by your grass in a given year.  It also provides food for your local worm population, allowing the population size to grow bigger than it would have otherwise.  This may not sound appealing to some, but a good worm population will result in healthy soil and growing environment for plants. Also, the larger the population, the faster your clippings will disappear from your lawn floor.  With enough worms, combined with the clippings losing their water content, your lawn clippings can literally disappear overnight, with the nutrients going back into the soil.
  • Earthworms can consume about 1/2 to 1 times their body weight every day.  They also will eat just about any dead organic matter along with processing a variety of types of garbage and even tiny rocks that have organic matter on them, grinding the rocks into a paste that will enrich the soil.  They are quite literally nature’s garbage disposals.  They also force air through the underground tunnels they create, thereby aerating the soil as they work.  In the process of doing all this, they process and enrich the soil; they aren’t just nature’s garbage disposals, but also natural gardeners.
  • Earthworms not only work tirelessly throughout their lives cultivating and fertilizing soil for plants to grow, but also form the basis of many food chains.  They are a staple for many types of birds, snakes, moles, hedgehogs, beetles, snails, slugs and also are eaten by a variety of mammals such as foxes, bears, and others, providing essential nutrients to those animals.  Charles Darwin went so far as to say of earthworms, “It may be doubted whether there are many other animals which have played so important a part in the history of the world, as have these lowly organized creatures.”  He believed that earthworms are wholly responsible for the top layer of rich soil on the Earth.
  • While earthworms do a bang up job at taking care of soil, they actually do too good of a job in forests.  This can actually, over time, kill the forest.  All the fallen dead leaves and other decomposing vegetation in the forest are essential for many tree seeds to germinate.  The worms process this quickly, leaving the forest floor bare.  This also changes the drainage of the forest, hurting some existing trees.  This is a major problem in forests such as in Rhode Island and Minnesota, which had previously been worm free since the ice age; with the arrival of the worm, it is changing the ecosystem of these forests.   Worms in forest = bad, worms everywhere else = good. 🙂
  • According to research done at the Rothamsted Experimental Station, depending on soil quality, there can be anywhere from 250,000-1.75 million earthworms per acre of land.  Poor quality soil with few food sources will have closer to the 250,000 range; good quality soil, such as farm land, will have closer to the 1.75 million worms per acre.  This means that on an average farm with livestock, the weight of the worms beneath the surface of the land will likely outweigh the livestock that walk on top.  What makes this more incredible is that a typical garden variety of earthworm can process about 10 pounds of organic material per worm per year.  That’s a lot of free enriched soil.
  • Another thing you can do to keep your lawn healthy, besides leave the grass clippings, is to mow with your mower at its highest setting.  Keeping taller grass makes your lawn look better (grass will look thicker and stay greener in hot times); keeps the ground shaded to reduce the chances of various weeds taking root and keeps the ground cooler which helps the grass stay healthy in the dog days of summer.  Finally, it results in the grass developing a deeper root system, which also helps it stay healthy despite possible heavy foot traffic or drought.
  • The best times to fertilize your lawn are in early spring (February-April) when the grass emerges from its dormant stage and begins to grow, then from June to August when the weather is especially hot, and finally in the fall right before the grass goes dormant.  Many lawn care experts say this finally feeding in the fall is the most important time to fertilize your lawn.
  • Scotts Miracle-Gro Company was founded way back in 1868 by Orlando Scott who was also a Civil War veteran.  It was originally named O.M. Scott and Sons Company and they started out selling premium seeds for farmers.  They didn’t expand into selling grass seed until the early 20th century.  Today  Scotts grosses nearly $3 billion annually with a net income of around $167 million and employing over 8000 people.


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  • Recently got a house in Austin TX and the lawn is nearly dead due the drought. Hope this will bring it back to life 🙂

  • Why I need a Scotts® Snap® Spreader System: It would help me do a lot of spreading on my three acres. I’m a grandmother and have no one to help me other than tools/equipment I use. Sounds like the Scotts Snap Spreader System is exactly what I need. Thanks for considering me…….and by the way if you have a Scotts riding lawn mower sitting around that you do not need….I could use that too.

  • I really need one of these for my crappy lawn, I have lots of dandelions and other weeds to get rid of.


  • We’re focusing on our backyard this spring and this would really help! Our backyard is almost all shade so spreading and fertilizing is a must….plus keeping the kids off the lawn! 🙂

  • Charles Dashkowitz

    I’d like to have one of these to spruce up my lawn and get it looking good for summer. I haven’t used a broadcast spreader because they tend to discolor the sidewalk and driveway but this looked like it has solved that issue and would be better than the drop spreader that I currently have. Thanks !!

  • My poor dog is tormented with allergies, and I want to eliminate as many weeds as possible from her environment, to provide her some relief and a better life.

  • I have a little dog that is so allergic to weeds he has to take shots in the spring and summer. We live in the country so ticks are also a problem. I have 2 acres of land that have to be treated each year and the Scott’s Snap system would make my job so much easier, from feeding the lawn, killing weeds and ticks to making my lawn look so much better this would be a wonderful tool for the Oklahoma girl

  • Half the year there’s snow and ice on the ground here…I wonder if they could come out with an ice-melt bag that can be used with it to de-ice the sidewalk? That would be useful.

  • This year we are working to get our yard back in shape. A new spreader would be very helpful!

  • I saw an ad for one of these on TV and I thought, wow, awesome innovation. It never ceases to amaze me how everything can be improved. I have nearly given up on our 1/2 acre of lawn which is very disheartening. The dandelions and moss are killing it. I have previously used a hand spreader and even my hands when I get lazy (probably not smart). I would love to try out this new innovation!

  • pretty interested in the new spreader. my current drop spreader tends to get clogged everytime I fertilize my lawn. it gets annoying seeing streaks of “unfertilized” grass weeks later. argh.

  • This is a great idea. I have three dogs and I am always worried they will get in the garage and into the fertilizer, weed killer, etc. This system would releave a lot of my concerns.

  • We need this because since we moved here we have hot done any work on our yard.

  • just starting with lawn care this year, looking forward to making my lawn beautiful and this new spreader system seems to be the easiest~

  • I need a to kill the dandelions before they takeover.I will even cover my neighbors yard1

  • Why would I like a Scotts Snap Spreader System? We should just watch my 18-month old daughter. Aside from loving the outdoors, she likes to get into mischief with anything available. This would include fertilizer, which might help the grass grow, but is probably not recommended for toddlers who think everything is delicious. The no-spill bags would be a great help to keep inquisitive minds from getting into trouble and spread it more evenly onto a lawn that would appreciate it.

  • Arlyn Stanfield

    I am going to have one of those one way or another and love your comments and instructions. Like others, dandelions get to my yard quick because the neighbors grow them for me and I have a moss problem and always dump too much of the product and believe this machine will help. Thanks!

  • Hazel Liverpool

    Hi I am a new home owner and do not have a spreader, the previous owner did not take care of the front and back lawns which are full of weeds. I have just bought a bag of Scotts weed and feed on sale from home depot and no way of applying it. I thought I could apply it by hand but from research I found out I could not. It would be wonderful to be able to win one of your spreaders which would enable me to make my lawns to look as lush and green as the ones on your commercials. thank you

  • I have never had luck with spreaders, always to much or not enough. This sounds like a perfect fit for me, I would love to win one.

  • William Mackela

    My Scott’s spreader finally broke this spring so I am looking for a new one. Sooo please pick me to win this spreader

  • Kathy Gellner-Kovach

    I need a Scott’s Snap Spreader System for my lawn because my husband works out of town 2/3 of the month, and I need anything that can simplify my life, and make lawncare easier! I would love to win this! 🙂

  • I just bought my first home in the metro Detroit area and the Scott’s Snap Spreader System is the perfect tool to repair the lawn. The front and back yard of my new home looks like it has not been maintained for a couple of years and is in need of Scott’s products to bring it to its best. I do not yet have a spreader system and really love the innovation of the Snap Spreader. I would love to win this spreader to help me with my growing list of household tools I still need. Thanks you.

  • This is a closed system that looks easy to use. Environmentalists would love that the product goes where you put it and the dust from loading doesn’t fly in your face. I have an acre of land with areas that could really use crabgrass treatment, fertilizer and grass seed. Excited to win and use this!

  • Two summers ago, I was convinced to leave my lawn fertilizer service and contract with Scotts. At the time my husband was in Afghanistan and I thought I was making the right decision for our lawn. That summer was particulary hot and dry (not to mention boring with hubby being away). The “professional” they sent out to do the initial fertilization came out on a very dry hot day. The weather forecast was not predicting rain for quite some time so I told him I was leery of having him spray the lawn when it would not rain for a while and it would be cost prohibitive to water the grass. He assured me that it would not matter and the next time it rained my lawn would be fine. Needless to say, the fertilizer burned my lawn and turned patches of grass into bare spots. The weeds that came after can not be described as normal. When hubby returned from military duty, it was not very noticeable since it was winter in Ohio. That following summer I can’t even begin to describe the look on his face when he saw what the lawn looked like. I believe Scotts makes great products if they are applied correctly and I would love to win the Snap Spreader so I can take back control of my lawn and once again have a beautiful green lawn that is the envy of all my neighbors.

  • I would love to have one of these for my husband. He has early onset Parkinson’s and yet still tries to keep up with our 2 acres of lawn. We cannot afford professional lawn care and he takes such pride in the yard. Living in the country we have begun getting lots of weeds from the farmer’s fields. We would love to use Scott’s Weed and Feed products. This would be perfect for him as his tremors make it difficult for him to open and pour without spilling. The easy opening and self sealing sounds amazing.

  • I have more weeds and dirt than green grass in both my front and back yard. We need help badly!
    Please come save my yard Scotts!!!!

  • Love the closed system, unlike my old drop spreader where you have to remember what settings to use all the time. No numbers to remember or bags to spill over in the garage or in the driveway. Would love to be able to bring my lawn back to its glory and have a lawn as nice as some of my neighbors.

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