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Sprint has a new app out for their Total Equipment Protection subscribers.  Current users have until August 30th to download it.  So if you use or want that service, you might want to get on that or risk missing out. 😉  You can download the app here: Sprint Total Equipment Protection App

Sprint’s Total Equipment Protection (TEP) allows users to locate their phone if it’s been lost, via being able to make an alarm go off on it, if it’s lost in your house.  Alternatively, if it’s stolen or accidently left somewhere or the like, you can use this service to locate the phone on a map.

TEP also allows you to remotely wipe your phone, in case it’s stolen, so no one can see your contacts or any personal information or files you have stored on the phone.  You can also use the service to remotely lock your phone.  Your data is not lost when you wipe the phone remotely, Sprint allows you to re-sync the data later on the same phone, once it’s recovered, or on a new phone.

Along with the great security features and ability to find your phone wherever it may have ended up, the plan also covers replacing a phone that’s broken or irrecoverable (with deductible), like if you happened to have the genius idea to go white water rafting with it and discovered it doesn’t float (true story).  They’ll even overnight the new phone to you.

Bonus Factoids:

  • Sprint’s origins go all the way back to 1899 with the Brown Telephone Company, started by Cleyson Leroy Brown in Abilene, Kansas.  The name “Sprint” itself didn’t come about until the 1980s through a contest to come up with a new name to differentiate certain services being offered.  “Sprint” was an acronym for “Southern Pacific Railroad Intelligent Network of Telecommunications”.
  • There are currently an estimated 4 billion cell phones in use of which around 1 billion are “smart” phones.
  • Although Apple’s iPhones generally receive the most hype and publicity, over 96.5% of all mobile phones in usage today are not iPhones.  Further, Android and Nokia are king by far in terms of OS used on smart phones.
  • At current growth rates, it’s estimated that mobile internet usage should surpass “regular” computer internet usage by 2014.
  • In the United States, 86% of the time people are using the internet on their mobile device, they are also watching TV.  The average American smartphone user also spends about 2.7 hours per day socializing on their phone.
  • The top 5 countries in the world with the most currently active cell phones are:
    • China: 906.8 million phones
    • India: 851.7 million phones
    • U.S. 302.9 million phones
    • Russia 220.6 million phones
    • Brazil: 217.3 million phones
  • The highest number of active phones per person for a country is Montenegro at 192.5% or nearly two phones per person.  The runner up on that list is Hong Kong at 187.9%.
  • In the last year, over $1 billion worth of product has been purchased on Amazon through a mobile device.


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One comment

  • SprintHasTerribleService

    Do NOT purchase Total Equipment Protection for any phone. It is a ripoff. It basically only covers your phone if you lose it or it is stolen. Not sure how that is beyond what the regular insurance does. Total Equipment Protection does not even cover the phones battery. “Total Equipment” is totally deceptive marketing. How can you say it is “total equipment” when the plan doesn’t cover the battery?

    Do not get Total Equipment Protection for ANY phone.

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